Friday, 8 February 2013


 I have been getting a bit excited on EBay recently. Originally a snooker jumper pattern book caught my eye and I have started the 147 one (with green instead of grey background) as my first ever jumper. I have done the back and just started the pattern on the front. I am doing it in it's smallest size (for about a 2 year old) so a friend's child will get the pleasure of it when done (if wearable).

I have also bought a Forever Friends jumper pattern and an amazing Postman Pat knitting book. The Postman Pat is great. Has 4 jumper patterns, hat, scarf and mittens and a couple of soft toys. Lots of Christmas presents for the small people I know will come from this book.

There is a Thomas the Tank Engine pattern book I am desperate for, but waiting to grab it on EBay cheaper. I know some little boys who love Thomas at the moment. Can't wait to post some pictures of the finished products.

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