Monday, 13 May 2013

The Rabbit Mittens

I had been looking for a quick and easy knitting patten book for presents for the small people I know when I don't have much time (there isn't time to knit everyone a jumper). I found this patten book for novelty mittens. It's really good, has 6 separate pattens and has sizes for 1-8 year olds. I had already done the dinosaur ones, but forgot to take a picture as I usually tweet them but the parents are on Twitter and I didn't want them to see.

These mittens are for a little girl who turns 1 next month. She also has her naming ceremony that month so I am going to knit her a Care Bear.

I am taking advantage of having lots of little kids around- I know there will be an age where they will want 'real' presents and not my knitted creations.

My next project is a pair of socks for a friend's birthday, I may also cast on my next jumper project too. A SuperTed jumper for a Christmas present. How cool will that be?


  1. those bunny mittens are SO cute!

    1. Thank you. I love them. Going to make a batch of snowman ones at Christmas I think!