Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Knitted Nativity Angel and Star

Over the last year I have been knitting a friend a Nativity Scene using the Jean Greenhowe Nativity pattern booklet. My university friends do a Secret Santa so I was chuffed to pick the Nativity friend so I can add to the collection. The Jean Greenhowe booklet doesn't have an angel pattern so I used the basic figure pattern and improvised. I thought she turned out good.

For the star I used this pattern as a base but didn't do the circular knitting. I did 2 long points and 4 short points on each side and sewed them together and stuffed.

I really hope my Nativity friend is as happy with them as I am. I have made a start on some dinosaur mittens for my nephew's birthday. The jumper knitting has been halted as the Royal Mail have still lost my parcel with all my jumper wool. Let's hope it makes it's way to me next week!!

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