Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The knitted antlers and moose cloth.

It is my sister's birthday today. For Christmas my sister wanted a knitted beard and she asked for the muff to go with it after Christmas (let's be honest- she just wanted something called a 'muff'). For her birthday she didn't ask for anything specific so I had a think what she would like. My sister likes to call herself moose, mooser, moosehead, bronnimoose and any other link to a moose so I went for a moose theme.

For the wash cloth (or whatever you want to call it) I used this pattern. It only took an evening to make, and I think it looks quite cool, don't think the picture really does it justice. I thought she would want something practical (to wear to the pub or something) so I made some antlers. I made them from a kiddies toy pattern and added a headband. She has messaged me this morning to say the only time she has taken them off is for the school run as her son wouldn't let her keep them on!

I am now half way through a Postman Pat jumper so will hopefully be updating that on the weekend.

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  1. I think those moose antlers are such a fabulous idea and they're so cute and quirky! Nice work! xoxo